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"Rik" Richard Paul Tanos was born in Niagara Falls, Canada. He attended the Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology, majoring in computers and accounting. 

The "Deep South" intrigued him so long that he moved to Palm Bay, Florida, to enjoy with his wife Elaine and his Canadian-American family what the South demands: A laid-back, relaxed, and easy life style. Kansas followed; that is where he set up shop in 2004.

Richard is a prolific writer (and musician to boot). His debut novel, The Home Child, was followed by a trilogy: Whipper Snappers, Turner Falls, and Palomino, written along the lines of John Grisham. No lawyers in his books though! After these came Controlled Defense.

His latest novel, Pods, was released in January 2004. It is a serious fictional account of what could happen to all of us Americans, Canadians, and for that matter Brits, during this time of world religious turmoil. His message is: Be on your toes and do not take freedom for granted!

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Introducing Mike Demsky

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Dr. Kenneth G. Butler


This intriguing, suspenseful story is a perfect blend of sports, drama, and technology - a must read for the sports minded reader. The main character, Mike Nemsky, is a die-hard, dedicated Buffalo football fan - almost to the point of obsession. He is also a very technical, analytical, brilliant-minded genius in his mid-forties, now divorced and alone. 

It's New Year's Eve of 2002. Mike suddenly realizes he has to take control of his destiny as a direct result of receiving the dreaded pink slip.

This time this "perennial loser" does take matters in his hands - and turns the world of pro-football upside down in the process!

"Short" Table of Contents

Ch. 1 - Introducing Mike Nemsky

Ch. 6 - Freeze That Image

Ch. 10 - The Helmet Talks

Ch. 18 - Mike’s Deal of the Century

Ch. 24 - Super Bowl Thirty-Six

Ch. 31 - Fast Eddy and His Slow Place

Ch. 38 - Carla’s Skeletons

Ch. 39 - Buffalo Gets the Helmets

Ch. 40 - Things Happen in Threes

Space Coast Reviews' Larry Harrish writes:

"I have been a die-hard sports fan my entire life and I have never enjoyed such a dramatic technological sports novel like this. The impact on this reviewer was one of the same magnitude when the NFL several years ago introduced Instant Replay into the league. The author has brilliantly put forward a story that not only moved me, but embraced what I'm sure will come to be a real-life part of professional football in the near future." 

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