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Following a diversified career in environment, health, business and education spanning three decades, Dr. Rao Kolluru has lately been exploring the unity of Science and Self. He has journeyed from the canyons of Manhattan to the heights of the Himalayas, in quest of the infinite.

Educated in the East and the West in science, engineering and business, Dr. Kolluru earned his doctorate in environmental science and public health at Columbia University, NY. He co-authored and edited two seminal works: the Environmental Strategies Handbook and the Risk Assessment and Management Handbook, both published by McGraw-Hill. These handbooks, which have also been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and other languages, are used as texts and references in interdisciplinary programs around the world. As an author and consultant, Dr. Kolluru has lectured widely, from Princeton to Peking, on a host of subjects. His new book, The 10 Spiritual Pillars of Business Success is in publication.


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In this book, the author bridges the physical and the metaphysical, and offers practical guidance for every- thing from business to wellness, separating science from nonsense with parables and irreverent humor. With the perspective of the scientist as well as philosopher, he lays out guideposts for the eternal human quest.

This is the search of eight Seekers from the land of Utopica, who, facing personal predicaments and conflict- ing demands, set out on a mission to seek ancient wisdom from a Sage, who lives in the mountains of Himarest, in Distantland. As the pilgrims journey to Himarest, and in their discourses with the sage, they experience a gradual merging of the physical, the mental and the spiritual.

You are hereby invited to join the explorers in their quest for the universal, the eternal, the infinite. Travel along and enjoy the vistas as they open up to you, following these milestones:


The Explorers from Utopica

Of Mind, Matter and Self

On Doing the Right Thing

The Nurture of Nature

On Learning and Creativity

Of Wellness and Disease

Of Citizens and Society

From Macrocosm to Microcosm


Reader comments

"An inriguing book that combines science, philosophy and spirituality in a thought provoking study of personal understanding...superb, a masterpiece."

"This is definitely spirituality for thinking persons...practical spirituality. Unique, provocative ...speaks eloquently of balance, oneness, rights and responsibilities."

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