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Peter Taryan was born in Budapest, Hungary. As an upcoming sports star, he played for the junior national waterpolo team. This swimming practice came in handy when he swam over the gulf of Trieste between the former Yugoslavia and Italy at night in 1973, to escape from communism.

Peter received his law degree from Pace University in New York, where he now has a practice through a partnership, Furst & Taryan.

The constant pressure associated with the adversary nature of his profession prompted him to write Unreal Estate. This thriller is the first of a three part Law in the City series from him.


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Peter Taryan



Bobby McTavernish is a young attorney fresh out of law school. With the help of his uncle, he gets a job at a fancy midtown New York real estate law firm. Despite putting in 60-plus-hour work weeks, he still does not fit in -- he is constantly reminded that he is not "partnership material."

One day he has a crazy revelation: Bank robbery! He needs and wants the excitement to counteract the dreaded dullness of his job, along with a shot at financial freedom. With his girlfriend, Lissette, they pull off a bank heist - and get away with it!

Lissette wants to stop but Bobby can't. The thrill of action overwhelms him. More robberies follow...

Contents (Short List)

The Concept Is Born

Super Hardware

On the Cutting Edge

The Day of Action

Catering to the Rich

Vulture Culture

La Bomba

Give My Regards to Broadway

Good Bye Charlie - It's Cigar Time...

About the Author

The story is full of surprises, the dialogues are crisp, the pace is fast, the action is on the cutting edge. And there is much more:

While plying their second "profession," Bobby and Lissette expose the partners at the law firm as the real crooks: Beyond their grandstanding and propriety lie greed and hypocrisy.

At the end fate catches up with them - they lose their take to "true professionals." The robbery of the very bank branch they have their safe deposit box proves there is justice after all...although a very crooked one!

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