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The Perfect Method for Finding the Perfect Man

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About the author


Mike is a Christian conservative journalist, a 12-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, a public speaker, and former talk radio host from San Diego, CA.

As a single dad who raised two boys, Mike has dealt with the harsh reality of time management, juggling priorities and making sacrifices for many years. They have not held him back, though, as you can see from his numerous accomplishments:

Mike’s Perspective (published as a weekly feature column in the Village News in Fallbrook, California) received second-place at the San Diego County Society of Professional Journalists Awards in 2002.

Talk radio personality: Hosted 3-hour program on San Diego’s AM1170 KCBQ for two years and co-hosted THE GREAT DEBATE in 2000 on KCBQ. 

Award-winning community activist: Received the San Diego, CA Channel 10 Leadership Award (ABC affiliate) in June 1996 for his development of a unique after school program for at-risk youth.

Public Speaker: Mike has appeared as a guest on talk radio programs across the country. He has been invited speaker at numerous events, and television appearances, including CNN’s INSIDE POLITICS with Judy Woodruff and FOX network’s HANNITY & COLMES.

And let's not forget: He is contributing writer to the National Center for Public Policy & Research, Washington D.C.

Mike Green

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About the book

In many cases of seeking "love," women settle for "boyfriends"... instead of husbands.

To Mike Green, love is the stable foundation upon which everything else is built in a relationship. Anger, joy, disappointment, elation, sadness, jealousy, hatred are all feelings, which have a place within the spectrum of human emotions. But none of these are cause for the replacement or removal of the foundation of commitment…which is what we see over the course of time, and what we can describe simply as “love.”

Where there is love there is commitment. They are one and the same. And commitments have time frames…and boundaries…and sacrifices.


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Ch.1 The creation of the PERFECT man

Ch.2 Following the Leader

Ch.3 To Tell the TRUTH

Ch.4 Expanding the Pool of Male Fish

Ch.5 The Compassionate Christian

Ch.6 Godly Men Understand Women

Ch.7 Commitment is Love

The methods and principles provided in this book to women are methods and principles the author himself employed to find the perfect woman after his divorce. Mike understands the games inherent in the dating scene from the “playas” perspective. He also understands the rewards God promises for living within certain boundaries. As he says, “This book was written with the proven system of faith and trust in God. It will work for you.”

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The Creation of the Perfect Man

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