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Laura Budd was born in Iowa, but spends most of her life in the Canadian West, traveling and working as a musician, writer, and movie maker. She creates documentary videos of one of a kind stories and the characters she meets on the road. Laura leads this free-spirited lifestyle in the mold of science fiction, where anything can happen at any time.

She founded Thunder Creek Studios, where writers, artists and musicians pool their resources and expertise to develop original projects using digital technology.

This is Laura's first web multimedia title, created together with contributing artists Dale Budd, Justin Works, and Matthew Skopje of Last Best West. Visit their web site to celebrate the Centennial of the Canadian West!


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Laura Budd



Lt. Cameron’s has a simple mission: To recover a super-weapon prototype stolen by terrorists.

He commands the best trained troops and the latest military technology available.

As the mission progresses, it challenges his sense of duty, honor and friendship, as he uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to upset the balance of power in the past, present, and future!



Chapter 1


Chapter 14

the action never stops


original music tracks

and much more....

Valkyrie is a techno-thriller sci-fi with all the right elements: An action-packed, fast paced story, high-tech gadgets, dangerous women, heroes and bad guys, and political intrigue.

The music from Black Orion is almost psychedelic - it immerses you in the story, making the experience almost movie-like. The illustrations and movie clips add even more to the excitement and fun. Enjoy!

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