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Kenneth Grant Butler was born in Ottawa, Ontario Canada in 1941. It was there he secured his undergraduate degree in English and History from St. Patrick's College, then his graduate degrees, an MA and Ph.D. from the University of Ottawa and finally an L.Ph. from St. Paul's.

He taught and published in the areas of Epistemology, Logic and History of Philosophy during his teaching career at the University of Prince Edward Island. His sabbaticals  took him to UCLA, Mexico, throughout Central America, as well as London, Amsterdam, and Rome.

Dr. Butler has two sons, Sean and Pierce whom he likes very much. As a free and happy fellow, he lives on his sailboat these days. 


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Dr. Kenneth G. Butler


This book is a comprehensive treatise on the concept of a right, or entitlement from the time of the ancient Greeks to the present. The author follows the evolution of a right from philosophical concept to its adoption in the late twentieth century. He is especially interested in the development and current state of a natural right, which he defines as the combination of laws that harmonize the workings of the universe (including our own little piece of it), as designed by God. Although this work is a very thorough analysis of a complex subject, it succeeds in bringing to light the theory and practical application of legal, human, and natural rights.


Power and Right: Descent with Modification

Some Speculation on the General Evolution of Ideas

Unconstrained Utility, Justice, and Agreement

Goods, Law, and the Modern Person

Atomism, Pythagoreanism and the Foundations of the New Political Order

Atomism, Utilitarianism, and Adumbrated Natural Law

Utility, Expedience, and the Problem of Sociality

Method, Mechanism, and Cosmic Assumptions

Right, Natural Law, and Some Contemporary Substitutes

The Flight From Atomism and Pythagoreanism and the Liberal Alternative

Egos and Non Rational Value

Liberalism and Some of its Limits

Justification and Value

What this book teaches us is that, while once might made right, today right can make might, and in the future natural rights could make society right.

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