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About the author and artist

June Marshall, author of The Dirty Seven: Ladies Beware! and Booby Trapped: Men Beware! the Seven Sisters was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil to American parents. They moved back to the United States while she was a child. After finishing college, she went to New York to study acting and singing, along with earning a Masters in English Literature.

She then moved to Europe, where she lived in Belgium and visited the major cities of the continent. Next came her "Passage to India," where she traveled from its southernmost tip to the Himalayas. Her familiarity with diverse cultures of the world originates from these experiences and flavors her unique philosophy. It has also greatly contributed to her understanding of human nature.

Her career, so far, has included being a writer, public speaker and speech writer, English teacher, actress-singer, and even being webmaster and systems usability engineer at AT&T.

She has appeared on television and radio, as well as given talks and seminars on the topic of mateability,  selectivity, and behavioral standards in the dating arena. She has also written numerous articles for various publications.

Dirty Seven:
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This guide represents many years of real life experience by the author and numerous friends in observing, dating, being friends with, and marrying men. As a result of hundreds of encounters, mixed with observations from even more workplace and social acquiantances, a definite pattern emerges: The Dirty Seven.

Who are these men? Why are they impossible mates? The author tells in detail what makes these "creatures" poor mates, as well as what makes men good mates. She warns you to pass them by. They share a fatal flaw: "Me-ism," that makes them dead ends. As she puts it so succintly:

"You will waste a lot of time kissing Dirty Seven frogs but they never turn into princes. They have an underlying problem that runs like a river through all their types: A special kind of selfishness that makes them incapable of giving your needs fair play."



1. Scarman

2. Sideman

3. Crazyman

4. Guyman

5. Yappie

6. Olman

7. Bagman


The Non-Dirty-Seven

Questions & Answers

For the ladies, the author offers truly practical ways about where and how to meet the right mate. It is her hope and wish that they find true love by avoiding the men that belong to The Dirty Seven.

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A "must-read" for any single woman in search of a mate

Sharply and smartly written, The Dirty Seven: Ladies Beware! is a candid description of seven male personality types that single women searching for a serious relationship should avoid like the plague. The Dirty Seven does not focus upon criminal types, but rather men who are simply poor relationship and prospective husband material, from the Young and Poor to the Excessive Baggage man. The Dirty Seven is highly entertaining to read, but contains a very sober message and is a "must-read" for any single woman in search of a mate.

Midwest Book Review
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Insightful, Entertaining, Highly Recommended

This book is intended for women who are looking for a relationship, but it may also be helpful to those who are in relationships that are not working and are wondering should they stay or leave and can the relationship be salvaged.

The Dirty Seven is exquisitely written - it will both entertain you and open your eyes into different categories of qualities that some men bring into a relationship and which will only bring you pain and heartache in time.

The author points out that there are wonderful, loving, and well-adjusted men out there and there are also those who are obviously a bad relationship material. This book doesn't deal with either of those, but rather it deals with traits that may not be so obvious, unless you're informed and know what to look for, traits that may confuse you and make you wonder is something wrong with you or is it him?

You will also get insight into what can be salvaged and whether it's worth your while sticking around, or should you better leave before you get deeply entangled - in other words: what to find out before you find yourself in a deeply messy situation that may be harder and more complicated to get out of as time goes by.

At the end of the book, there is a short overview of Booby Trapped: Men Beware! The author has also written a separate book that deals with undesirable traits women bring into a relationship and in my opinion, people of both sexes who desire to enjoy long-term relationships may want to read both books. After all, it takes two well-adjusted individuals to create a happy, loving and harmonious long-term relationship and having insight into one's own shortcomings and doing something about them is as useful as being aware of what to look for in a potential partner.

Dr. Laura De Giorgio
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Well written, funny, and much needed!

It's about time we faced the reality of choosing the wrong guy. This book can prevent the heartache and pain of entering into a relationship doomed to fail. The author writes as if she were sitting down with you and personally giving you the scoop. It should be required reading for all young women before graduating high school and for all young boys on how not to become one of the Dirty Seven.

Estelle Respert
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About The Dirty Seven: Ladies Beware

Ms. Marshall casts her scathing eye on (unfortunately for them), the seven types of men she has learned to avoid. She describes each type mercilessly, occasionally softening the hatchet job with a touch of wit and humor. Women, by reading this book, can take advantage of the groundwork she has done and save themselves a lot of pain and trouble. Men too can benefit by this action. They may identify some of their character flaws and set out to improve themselves (and their suitability as mates). If for no other reason, men should read the book so that if they overhear some women calling them a "bagman" they'll know what it means!

Peter O'Brien
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Great Guidebook to Dating and Relationships

If you are a concerned female looking for a guidebook to steer you through the minefield of games certain males play, here it is. Witty, informative, entertaining, and in plain English!

Rae Irene Plick
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