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The WHOLE Truth About the U.S. War on Terror

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About the Author

Mike is a Christian conservative journalist, a 12-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, a public speaker, and former talk radio host from San Diego, CA.

He cares enormously about the lives of every single man and woman in our great military that faces danger every day and night so that you can enjoy relative freedom in a country whose citizens often take freedom for granted.

His parents served in the military, as did his uncles and cousins, two of whom were still serving as he wrote this book. Mike served aboard two ships: the USS Anchorage and the USS Sterett. He was awarded "Sailor of the Year‚" aboard the USS Anchorage along with numerous other awards, and also received a meritorious advancement in rank to E-6 during a successful four-year tour of duty as a recruiter in Texas during the U.S. Gulf War under president George H. W. Bush.

As a talk radio personality, he hosted a 3-hour program on San Diego’s AM1170 KCBQ for two years and co-hosted THE GREAT DEBATE in 2000 on KCBQ.

Mike is also a contributing writer to the National Center for Public Policy & Research, Washington D.C.

Mike Green

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About the book

This book provides the history and the facts on how the current War on Terror came to be.

The questions the media would not ask, it does.

Truthful answers we deserve but don't receive are revealed. They are no secret. And once you know them, you too will be able to distinguish between the lies and propaganda told for the benefit of securing the public trust ... and the truth behind the facade.

In the final analysis, the U.S. Government has a lot for which to answer. But if no one holds it accountable, then it will continue to endanger the lives and welfare of peoples worldwide, along with sacrificing the lives of courageous and innocent Americans who fight because they are told to fight.

It is our job as a conscientious public to ensure our military fights for the right reasons. And in this case, there are far too many questions that our government has created, and answers our government has skirted, for a single American life to be sacrificed in a war that for all intents and purposes was started specifically from an all-out pursuit of control over oil.




Project Ajax and the Creation of Middle-Eastern Terrorists

Befriending the Enemies: Saddam and Osama

To the Victor Go the Spoils

America's Friend/Enemy: Introducing Osama bin Laden

America in Afghanistan: Alliance with Allah and Osama

The Muslim Brotherhood

Whether you agree or disagree with the author's assertions and conclusions, one constant remains: the truth changes us all in ways we cannot foresee. And once we know the truth, none of us can crawl back underneath the protective shell of ignorance.

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