We have designed this service for both of our benefit. You will be an active participant in the process, where you become a featured author on In essence, you will be a self-published author, with a real chance to see the fruits of your labor in a very short time. You can also ask us to become your initial publisher of record. To find out how, read the details here and review the works of the other authors we already promote through their own pages. You will learn in this section how publishing with us can produce royalty payments to you.

These are the steps you and we will follow:

1.  Submit your work for a free evaluation to our professional review panel

2.  Receive your review result within 30-120 days

3.  This report will tell you if your work is promising and ready for publishing

4.  Decide if you want to pursue the reviewers' recommendations

5.  Next we prepare a plan to publish your work, together with you

6.  We go into production and distribution, once the plan is approved

Publishing Steps

Amazon iTunes Barnes & Noble

Democracy Internet TV

Google Book Search


Palm Digital Media


CD Baby

Xerox Book In Time

Link TV and Music store

MediaCorp International 

Ingram International iWords Book & eBook stores Baker & Taylor

Closing the circle are our current production, distribution, and sales partners above.


Working with us, a full service electronic and print publishing house, is the best way to maximize your chances for success. We cover the full content creation, production and distribution cycle. If your work has artistic and commercial value, we will help you realize it. We will then produce, distribute, and sell it in our own stores and that of our partners.


Your revenues are 50% of the net income from all your titles. For details, please visit the estimating your royalty page. Also, feel free to send us an e-mail with any question you have, or call us at 201.300.0226.

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