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New York, NY -- December 19, 2005 -- Newmedia Publishing has released the print, e-book, and free e-digest editions of The WHOLE Truth About the U.S. War on Terror. Written by Mike Green, a Christian conservative journalist and Navy veteran, it calls for a full accounting from our government NOW.


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Why a full accounting now?

Because it is our job, as a conscientious public, to ensure our military fights for the right reasons. And in this case, there are far too many questions that our government has created, and answers our government has skirted, for a single American life to be sacrificed in a war that for all intents and purposes was started specifically from an all-out pursuit of control over oil.

What is the truth?

Who is telling the truth? And what is the truth?

That is what this book is about. The complete truth reveals a picture that becomes crystal clear as one comes to know the whole truth, rather than bits and pieces and distortions of it.

Still, all of us should be open to the desire to know the truth. It isn't always a pretty picture. And often it annihilates our current perceptions and offers us an epiphany, which for some, can be difficult to accept. Nevertheless, the truth must be told and that is what I aim to do.

Despite the consistent news of suicide bombings in Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Spain and even the United Kingdom, the so-called foreign "terrorists" targeted by our government, with both a derogatory label and a military death warrant, may not necessarily be the type of indiscriminately violent people portrayed by the current "terrorist" image.

Before this assertion is dismissed as a "radical" notion that should immediately be squashed ... each of us should take the time to suppress the emotions that naturally well up at the memory of seeing 2,996 innocent Americans die in a single coordinated attack on this nation. There is far more to what we saw on September 11, 2001 than the destruction of a couple of skyscrapers in New York City by "religious fanatics who hate our way of life."

The one question Americans were asking themselves after 9-11, Spaniards asked themselves after the Madrid bombings and Britons pondered after the coordinated bombings of trains and buses in the U.K., is simply, "Why?"

Instead of merely accepting the first explanation provided by anonymous sources in the government, the author did his own digging, investigating and research in an effort to discover the one thing that has heretofore remained elusive throughout the escalation of fear and panic in various societies around the globe. The one thing he remained focused on discovering is simply the truth. But one has to embrace courage to face the truth, no matter how devastating it may be to one's own beliefs...if one desires to know the truth.

We deserve the truth

This book provides the history and the facts on how the current War on Terror came to be. The questions the media would not ask, it does.

Truthful answers we deserve but don't receive are revealed. They are no secret. And once known, each of us will be able to distinguish between the lies and propaganda told for the benefit of securing the public trust ... and the truth behind the facade.

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