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"Riding the Bullet," the first eBook only thriller from Stephen King is now available directly from, as a member of the Softlock merchandising network.

RIDGEWOOD, New Jersey - March 20, 2000 --  AIL NewMedia Publishing today announced that its web site, is now distributing "Riding the Bullet" , the first eBook only work from Stephen King, through its affiliation with, the premier secure digital content e-merchandising company.

"Riding the Bullet" is not only Stephen King's first story since his brush with death, it is also King's first electronic book released exclusively online. This is a highly personal writing from everyone's favorite dark night story teller, as presented in the author's own words:

"I've never told anyone this story, and never thought I would—not because I was afraid of being disbelieved, exactly, but because I was ashamed…and because it was mine.  I've always felt that telling it would cheapen both me and the story itself, make it smaller and more mundane, no more than a camp counselor's ghost story told before lights-out. I think I was also afraid that if I told it, heard it with my own ears, I might start to disbelieve it myself. But since my mother died I haven't been able to sleep very well."

This e-book can now be reviewed, ordered and delivered along with other authors' works in the E-Library and Portfolio sections of or ordered through the Tree of Knowledge store at

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