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Newmedia Publishing has released the eBook and eDigest editions of The Perfect Method for Finding the Perfect Man, a dating guide by Mike Green through its iWords™ eBook store. Inspired by Apple Computer's incredibly successful iTunes™ download store, it features free eDigests, $0.99 cent eBooks, and subscription to web-books in an easy and very affordable way.

The new iWords store

Park Ridge, NJ -- November 19, 2004 -- Newmedia Publishing announced today that it is making available free eDigest and $0.99 iWords eBook editions of The Perfect Method for Finding the Perfect Man, a dating guide by Mike Green. Readers can
visit the author's page and peruse the sample chapter at their leisure, download the eDigest and purchase the ebook in the iWords eBook store.

What this book will do for you:
  • It will guide you to your true mate
  • You will learn what makes a man perfect physically and mentally
  • You will also learn how perfect men think and choose
  • You will see for yourself why real love means real commitment
  • Finally - it can help all of us understand and improve our relationships!

In many cases of seeking "love," women settle for "boyfriends" instead of husbands. 

To the author, love is the stable foundation upon which everything else is built in a relationship. Anger, joy, disappointment, elation, sadness, jealousy, hatred are all feelings, which have a place within the spectrum of human emotions. But none of these are cause for the replacement or removal of the foundation of commitment, which is what we see over the course of time, and what we can describe simply as “love.”

Where there is love there is commitment. They are one and the same. And commitments have time frames…and boundaries…and sacrifices. Perfect men understand this. So do perfect women!

The following titles are now in the iWords eBook store:

Booby Trapped: Men Beware! the Dirty Seven Sisters by June Marshall

Win Ms. Right - learn from this guide how to avoid the noxious and obnoxious females who are like Angel of Death mushrooms: Beautiful yet deadly. The definitive dating guidebook for men. The print edition includes such celebrities as Angelina Jolie, Brooke Shields, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Madonna, Meg Ryan, Melanie Griffith, Monica Lewinsky, etc.

Formats: Free eDigest, links to online book stores and sample chapter

Controlled Defense by Richard Tanos

Mike Nemsky is a diehard, dedicated Buffalo football fan - almost to the point of obsession. He is also a very technical, analytical, brilliant-minded genius in his mid-forties, now divorced and alone. It's New Year's Eve of 2002. Mike suddenly realizes he has to take control of his destiny as a direct result of receiving the dreaded pink slip. This time this "perennial loser" does take matters in his hands - and turns the world of pro-football upside down in the process!.

Formats: Free Web-book, iWords eBook, link

From Love to Triumph by Mrs. Susan Kaszas

In her epic love story Susan Kaszas describes with touching directness, what it feels like to be taken from one's family, to be beaten, cursed at, poisoned, and to witness unspeakable, systematic cruelty. But the hardest aspect of her personal and collective hell was being separated from her one love, her husband, Alex. From Love to Triumph is a love letter to Alex written by Susan after she was liberated by American troops in Germany.

Formats: Free Web-book, iWords eBook, links to online edition and book stores

Grandpa and the Computer by James Hart

The true life story of an 82 year old man's trials and tribulations in learning to use a computer. o help other seniors, he wrote then this book in a witty, home spun and down to earth style to put the reader at ease. Cartoons from Randy Glasbergen also make light of a subject known to intimidate a lot of Grandpas and Grandmas. Not only is it useful for most seniors, now it is truly affordable to them!.

Formats: Free eDigest, links to book stores and sample chapter

Knowledge Science by Steven Kingsley

A theoretical framework of knowledge, built on interdisciplinary studies in almost all fields of science. It works with proven, universal principles to show how we generate and manage knowledge, in order to create systems of all kinds and complexity. This PC hypertext program is fully cross referenced bibliographically and by content: Information is linked together by meaning and becomes immediately useful to you.

Formats: Free eBrochure, iWords PC program

The Dirty Seven: Ladies Beware! by June Marshall

The first dating and mating guidebook from June Marshall teaches ladies to avoid the "Dirty Seven" type of men, if they want to have the happy and meaningful relationships they seek. She says, "You will waste a lot of time kissing Dirty Seven frogs but they never turn into princes. They have an underlying problem that runs like a river through all their types: A special kind of selfishness that makes them incapable of giving your needs fair play."

Formats: Free eDigest, links to book stores and sample chapter

The Idea of a Right by Kenneth Grant Butler, Ph.D.

A comprehensive treatise on the concept of a right, or entitlement from the time of the ancient Greeks to the present. Follow the evolution of rights from concept to their adoption today as the basis of our individual, societal, and economic relationships. This book teaches us that, while once might made right, today right can make might, and in the future natural rights could make society right.

Formats: iWords eBook, links to book stores and sample chapter

Unreal Estate by Peter Taryan

Bobby McTavernish is a young attorney fresh out of law school. With the help of his uncle he gets a job at a fancy midtown New York real estate law firm. Despite the 60-plus-hour work weeks, he is still no "partnership material." One day he has a crazy revelation: Bank robbery! He needs and wants the excitement to counteract the dreaded dullness of his job, along with a shot at financial freedom....

Formats: Free eDigest, iWords eBook, link to sample chapter

Valkyrie by Laura Budd

This techno-thriller science fiction web-book has all the right elements: An action-packed, fast paced story, time-travel back to the Vietnam war, high-tech gadgets, dangerous women, heroes and bad guys, and political intrigue. The music from Black Orion is almost psychedelic - it immerses you in the story, making the experience almost movie-like.

Formats: iWords web-book, link to sample chapter

We also have these new titles scheduled for release in 2005:

I Thought MS Stood for Microsoft by Randy Stone
Prisoner of Hope and Too Tough for Tears! by Barry Goode

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