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THE MANCOW SHOW GUEST APPEARANCE: June Marshall discusses what led to the Robert Blake - Bonnie Lee Bakely murder trial

March 30, 2005 CHICAGO WKQX-FM/Q101 Radio -- Newmedia Publishing announced today that June Marshall, the the dating expert and author of Booby Trapped: Men Beware!, as well as The Dirty Seven: Ladies Beware!, appeared on the Mancow Show first on March 17. She will return tomorrow March 31st to further discuss what led to the Robert Blake - Bonnie Lee Bakely murder trial as well as other celebrity examples from her books.

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The true story of Bonnie Lee Bakely:

She is a very revealing example of the Material Girls described in Booby Trapped: Men Beware!:

"Bonnie was a grifter, star stalker, and groupie, who had been caught in Arkansas with seven driver's licenses and five social security cards in 1998. She spun tales of intimate relationships with second-string celebrities such as Jerry Lee Lewis and Frankie Valli, who nevertheless had money she could spend.

By several accounts she was married nine times. In 2000 she finally landed the Hollywood husband she had always hoped for, Robert Blake, after managing to get pregnant with his baby. He was suspicious of her though and hired investigators to look into her background, which was shady with arrests, prosecutions, and confirmed incidents of bilking men for cash. She announced to her family that her aim in life was to be "the female Donald Trump" but she was just another Material Girl looking to get rich quick. She got rich and dead quick."

The author says that our current method - dating - is the wrong way to find your true partner. In most cases it does not work, because:

* It is too superficial and short
* Emphasizes attraction not character
* Promotes sex, not friendship
* Results in a divorce rate of 50%
* In extreme circumstances it even ends in murder

Who are the Dirty Seven Sisters in Booby Trapped?

The Dirty Seven Sisters are the women, who because of their underlying personality and character flaws, bring unhappiness and chaos into men's lives. Marshall warns men to move on from them, regardless of their sexual needs and genetic impulse to have children. These women may be sexy and attractive, but they don't have the potential to be true life partners. She bares their character traits that are impossible to live with and tells men what to do about them. To make her point, she fleshes out a number of celebrity examples, such as Bonnie Lee Bakely.

Who are the Dirty Seven Men in The Dirty Seven: Ladies Beware?

The Dirty Seven are the men, who because of their underlying "me-ism" (a term the author coined meaning lack of empathy) are dead-ends as mates. She warns women to move on from them and not to even wonder about their potential as life partners, since they have none. She notes that many men are great mates, and that the book is not about male-bashing. It is more about character traits that are impossible to live with, why they are impossible, and what to do about them. Conversely, she also describes the excellent qualities of a good mate.


June's books are available at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Waldenbooks, Books-A-Million and other stores as well as web sites, including Songs for each of the Dirty Seven Men and ebook digests for each book can be downloaded free from

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