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AIL NewMedia Publishing releases Linux® e-book edition of its new title "A Mother's Shoah" on CD-ROM for the burgeoning Linux market.

RIDGEWOOD, New Jersey - February 16, 2000 -- The company today announced the release of its new title "A Mother's Shoah" on CD-ROM for Linux computers, targeting the burgeoning Linux market.

This work is based on the diary of a Holocaust survivor, Mrs. Susan Kaszas, written in April, 1945 after she and her group of death camp survivors and slave laborers were liberated by US troops in Dillich, Germany. Photographs from the U.S. National Archives, images of paintings from David Olere and pages from the diary itself provide true historical depth and visual impact. David Olere was a death camp survivor too from Auschwitz-Birkenau, who was made to cremate the bodies coming out of the gas chambers.

The book's prologue sets the background on the first page, after which events unfold page by page, in a chronological order. This gives the Web/HTML and Adobe Acrobat PDF portable document format e-book editions a very easy to follow, unified structure. The "Credits, Copyrights and Links" page both lists and connects directly to similar web sites, adding a truly interactive, worldwide dimension to this edition.

This CD-ROM contains narrated versions for a true multimedia experience and non-narrated versions to allow silent browsing, or for computers without suitable sound ouput capability.

Download versions of the non-narrated e-book editions are also available through the, and partner sites, in addition to the company's own web site. AIL NewMedia Publishing also publishes a printed book edition, sold along with the CD by Tree of Knowledge at, in the Family and Entertainment section or at

The company, through its web site at, turns the creative works and knowledge assets of its clients and authors into valuable digital and print properties, distributed and sold through its network of online stores, download sites, affilates and business partners. 

AIL NewMedia Publishing can be reached by telephone at 201.300.0226, by e-mail at and at its offices: 31 Franklin Turnpike, Waldwick, NJ 07463, USA.  


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