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AIL NewMedia Publishing releases new CD-ROM edition of Knowledge Science Vers. 1.2  program, organizing the working principles of our higher level mental and social systems into a PC hypertext encyclopedia.

RIDGEWOOD, New Jersey - March 17, 2000 --  The company today announced the release of its new CD-ROM title "Knowledge Science" Vers. 1.2  from A.I. Labs, for Microsoft Windows® 9x/NT/2000 computers.

Building on the previous version, this edition brings the current areas of  development in system creation and management together, under the subject domain of Knowledge Science. The principles found so far in this rapidly evolving field already enable us to:

*  Measure individual and organizational data-information-knowledge-expertise generating and utilization capacity.
*  Define meaning and how it relates to the "Law of survival".
*  Understand the rule based process of system evolution.
*  Quantify complexity and define complexity barriers.
*  Consistently apply the "Law of minimum resource allocation"
    (the 80:20 rule).

Armed with this knowledge we can do a fitness analysis for any new project or proposed change; see if they are feasible today; and what it would actually take to make them successful now or in the future.

More detail about the program and A.I. Labs is
available directly from Newmedia Publishing.

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