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October 10, 2001 Ridgewood, NJ USA -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


The lively author, songwriter, and singer, June Marshall has created the title song for her new book, "The Dirty Seven: Ladies Beware!" Its kick-butt, no-nonsense message is about keeping self-respect and boundaries in dating and mating men, so women can develop happy, long-lasting relationships.

The Dirty Seven CD

A new voice on the music horizon

A hypnotic new voice has appeared on the music horizon. June Marshall, in her just published book, wittily addresses the frustration many women feel with the kinds of men they meet on the dating scene. She sings about it in jazzy, bluesy, honky-tonk songs that show self-respect rather than wound-licking self-pity. The title song, "Beware the Dirty Seven, Ladies Beware," is one of nine songs she is creating. She performs it with pulsating energy and heat.

Hear it free

This song is available as a
free MP3 download on our site, along with the free ebook digest and the book. The CD and tape editions of the full set will follow shortly.

Love Songs in Reverse

Her compositions are love songs in reverse to the Dirty Seven. These guys are dead-ends as mates and leave heartbreak in their wake. The words to the songs express pain and dismay, but also a kick-'em-to-the-curb attitude, that gives them grit. The upcoming "Lowdown Dirty, Lowdown Dirty Sideman Blues," describes the pathetic absurdity of the typical lines the married man uses to catch a little something on the side. "Cause You're a YAPpie," will be about the excuses and behavior of the youthful slacker who lives off of the working female.

Husky, Silky Voice

Ms. Marshall's husky, silky voice-with-attitude expresses many emotional colorations. In the title song, she sounds menacing as she growls the ending of the word "Beware." Undertones of smokiness and smooth vibrato lend drama to the song. Her voice is serious and humorous, soft and hard at the same time. She belts and croons, purrs and snarls, reaching the lower vocal registers with resonant ease.

Happy Ending

One reviewer writes, "No one escapes her scathing glance." But she will include one true love song in the set to a man who expresses love through action, not words. The sweet vulnerability of, "You Know How to Love," shows that she is never a bitter cynic, just smart enough to recognize the Real Thing. If it isn't, "You better ditch him, and make it snappy."

About the book, The Dirty Seven: Ladies Beware!

Most currently available books on relationships concentrate on how the woman can catch, please, or understand a man. They focus on mistakes women may make or on how to increase sexual pleasure for both parties. Some are about building self-esteem so a woman will be a better partner. A few books are on judging compatibility with potential mates or astrological matches. With the Dirty Seven, there is no compatibility and no potential. Ladies don't even have to ask, "Will we be a good fit?" The answer is "no." They can easily recognize, with June's guidance, these Dirty Seven types, enabling women to steer clear of them and concentrate on someone with a future.

Bold and blunt humor make this ultimately very serious guide a fast read. It has occasioned some deep self-examination among men as well. One remarked, "This is the book Steven Covey might write if he were Roseanne Barr." Her all-too-true stories will make you laugh. Even if you have not experienced one of these guys, you know at least one person who has. The Dirty Seven are very funny, unless your life is tied up with one of them.

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