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The lively author, June Marshall, has written a new book with a kick-butt, no-nonsense approach to dating and mating. It is entitled, The Dirty Seven: Ladies Beware! Its message is: 1) Keep self-respect and boundaries in male-female relationships and 2) Character is the best criterion for choosing a mate.

Who are these men???

What is this new guidebook about?

The Dirty Seven are the men, who because of their underlying "me-ism" (a term the author coined meaning lack of empathy) are dead-ends as mates. She warns women to move on from them and not to even wonder about their potential as life partners, since they have none. She notes that many men are great mates, and that the book is not about male-bashing. It is more about character traits that are impossible to live with, why they are impossible, and what to do about them. Conversely, she also describes the excellent qualities of a good mate.

The book is available to the trade from Ingram Book Group and to readers
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A No-nonsense Approach

Most currently available books on relationships concentrate on how the woman can catch, please, or understand a man. They focus on mistakes women make because they "love too much" or on how to increase sexual pleasure for both parties. Some are about building self-esteem so a woman will be a better partner. One or two books are on judging compatibility with potential mates or astrological matches. With The Dirty Seven, there is no compatibility and no potential. Ladies don't have to even ask, "Will we be compatible?" The answer is "no."

The book teaches how to recognize these Dirty Seven types, enabling women to steer clear of them and concentrate on someone with a future. As she explains:

"This guide does not address what you can do to make yourself more attractive to men, how to improve your own character, or guy-meeting strategies. Its purpose is to help you sort through and reject the bad apples up front. Too many bad relationships are the result of women being so grateful that some guy even looks at them, that they jump at the chance to become intimate because they fear it will be their last chance in life. They are petrified that they will be old maids, alone on New Year's Eve. They marry some unloving guy who is full of himself, and they still feel alone on New Year's Eve."

Character is King

The author sees the typical date as a superficial way of finding a life partner. Women need to experience a man's behavior over time to see if they can actually live with him. Her message is that we need to add character, which is moral and ethical integrity, to the list of mate-finding criteria, in addition to physical attraction. 

Bold and Funny

Bold and blunt humor make this ultimately very serious guide a fast read. It has occasioned some deep self-examination among men as well. One remarked, "This is the book Steven Covey might write if he were Roseanne Barr." Her all-too-true stories will make you laugh. Even if you have not experienced one of these guys, you know at least one person who has. The Dirty Seven are very funny, unless your life is tied up with one of them.

The Dirty Seven Sisters

June Marshall is now writing a companion book, The Seven Dirty Sisters: Men Beware!, which depicts the characteristic females to avoid if a man wants a loving mate, because she notes, "Lots of women are no angels either! " Her to-the-point Question and Answer section in the back of the book describes the corresponding females to the Dirty Seven guys. As another reviewer writes, "No one escapes her scathing glance."  

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