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The Create-A-Legacy TM program has been launched by AIL NewMedia Publishing to enable individuals, organizations, and businesses to preserve their unique history in a multimedia format on CD, or DVD that will be of lasting value for generations to come.

Create-a-Legacy program

RIDGEWOOD, New Jersey - May 1, 2001 -- AIL NewMedia Publishing announced today that it launched its Create-A-Legacy program for individuals, public and private organizations, as well as businesses. Much more than a family album or a corporate document, it is a way to present an organized, multi-media story, preserved against time and change.

Until recently, only the very wealthy or prominent could have their life history  recorded in any detail for posterity. This is no longer the case. NewMedia Publishing has made creating such a legacy affordable and put it well within everyone's reach. Their Create-a-Legacy service enables individuals, organizations, and businesses to preserve their unique history in a multi- media format on CD, or DVD that will be of lasting value for generations to come.

About the Create-A-Legacy program for organizations and businesses

Corporate leaders and entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to create their business, company, or career history on a compact and professionally laid out CD, or DVD. These can be used for more than just presenting the past. They are the perfect vehicle to build a unique brand, improve staff morale, and to enhance the company's image in the financial community. Civic groups, charitable organizations, and religious institutions can also use this service to tell their stories, helping them to build membership and secure funding.

About the Create-A-Legacy service for personal collections

This program is a better alternative to those fading family albums with their crumbling pages, or those shoe boxes of letters, papers, and memorabilia gathering dust in the attic. NewMedia Publishing converts those pictures and pages to digital format and organizes them on a CD with sound, video, and the written word. Through Create-A-Legacy, your great-great-grandkids will be able to hear your voice, read those letters in Grandma's own handwriting, watch recorded segments of special events, or just hear, read, and see your story the way you want to tell it.

The Theodore Roosevelt Centennial CD-ROM, produced recently by NewMedia Publishing for the T. Roosevelt Association, the State of New York, and the National Park Service is a good example of the greatness of Create-a-Legacy in action. It is a compilation of the President's collected writings, speeches (including his voice delivering them), and photos, that gives a multi-dimensional view of this great man. Thousands of these CDs are now in schools and libraries across the country, giving everybody one click access to information that was not readily available to the public.

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