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AIL NewMedia Publishing launches new web site, serving the emerging Internet content creation, publishing and distribution markets.

MORRISTOWN, New Jersey - December 2, 1999 -- The company today announced the launch of its flagship web site,, at the Cyber Pub of the New Media Association of New Jersey.  Aimed at the emerging Internet content development and publishing markets, it will help to create, publish, market and sell content of all kinds - writings, books, reports, manuals, images, audio and video - both in single or multimedia digital formats as well as in traditional print and analog formats,  through the World Wide Web. has been designed from the ground up to provide the best content, entertainment and information under direct consumer control. To achieve this goal  and to produce instant as well as long term revenues for its  author community and the company itself, a full array of  content development and marketing services  have been deployed.

The site is also a showcase of the company's web site design, content creation and e-commerce capabilities, each contributing to its potential to produce immediate, short and long term revenues. It delivers the best experience to site members and visitors, by combining simple layout and easy navigation with instant access to fun and entertaining games and links to other sites. Visitors can become site members very easily, by subscribing to the "Links to Me*dia" quarterly multimedia newsletter, in the What's New & Free section.

Individual, business and public sector authors, professionals and knowledge workers now have a new, low cost,  web technology based service to create, edit, publish and sell their works in the global marketplace. Once they  become, through a strict review process, one of  the featured authors on the site, they will have a real chance to see the fruits of  their labor in a very short time. Clients, potential authors, agents and site visitors can view the works of accepted authors on their own pages and learn how the company's ever expanding distribution network can produce royalty payments to them and make their work desirable to the major publishing houses too.

The company can be reached by telephone at 201-300-0226, through its web site at, by e-mail at and at its offices: 31 Franklin Turnpike, Waldwick, NJ 07463, USA.  


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