It’s time for change again - although I’m not sure what that means to us here, as it’s nothing but change in our field and business all the time. We just have to keep in mind what Heraclitus said some 2,500 years ago: "There is nothing constant but change."

What does this mean to you? A more entertaining, yet serious and professional newsletter? Absolutely, even if we have to work hard(er) at it sometimes. A free flowing format, no set topics, no pre-set quarterly schedule for starters? Yes again. We’ll cover the news here as they happen and communicate them to you "on the go."

What does all this really mean? We are switching over to a blog format, removing the vestiges of “old” web and email practices, such as subscriptions, opt-in lists, exposure to unscrupulous spammers, over-vigilant spam filters, and so on and on. Who needs the hassle? So visit our blog with the peace of mind we are now able to provide and leave us a piece of yours at any time here:


Thank you for the exciting years since 1999 - and here is to many more!

You can still peruse our previous issues, until the Winter 2006 edition when the newsletter became a blog, in the Library below. Links to the latest Acrobat Reader and QuickTime player are at the bottom of the page, in case you need them.


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2007 and on
Enjoy our news blog - and THANK YOU for your patronage!
Winter 2006 We have been "blogified!"
Fall 2006 Funny!!! - the Robosapiens of Wowee
Summer 2006 The Cars of Pixar
Spring 2006 Casanova Redux - from Touchstone Pictures
Winter 2005 King Kong is here again, courtesy of Universal Pictures
Fall 2005 You Sexy Thing, brought to you by
Summer 2005 The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show - from CBS archives
Spring 2005 Robots Trailer - courtesy of 20th Century Fox
Winter 2004 The wonders of Yosemite, by the National Park Service
Fall 2004 Modern Times a la Chaplin and
Summer 2004 Fighter plane simulation - from

Spring 2004

Graceful gymnatics, courtesy of WorldBooks


Winter 2003

Mars fly-by from NASA, of course

Fall 2003

"Sachmo" Louis Armstrong, via

Summer 2003

Chaplin in City Lights - from, where else?

Spring 2003

The Magician's Dog - courtesy of


Winter 2002

Brando in Godfather - brought to you by

Fall 2002

Schindler's List - from again, with thanks

Summer 2002

The Sound of Music - courtesy of's public archive

Spring 2002

To the Moon (again!) - from NASA's collection


Winter 2001

Miss Taylor in "Cyberspace" - courtesy of

Fall 2001

The Dirty Seven: Ladies Beware! - by June Marshall

Summer 2001

Escher's Alien World - from

Spring 2001

Kung Fu Kenobi - by the indefatigable Evan Mather


Winter 2000

Swing It - from, of course

Fall 2000

Cynthia Church performs - again from

Summer 2000

Star Trek Enterprise in action - by

Spring 2000

Mars Sojourner - by NASA, with Kennedy's voice



Fireworks 2000 - by Videolinks.Interspeed

Fall 1999 Bean Trailer - courtesy of Gramercy Pictures

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