Our FAQ list is the result of more than 7 years of presence on the Net. What we've learned is, that while having answers to common or specific questions is a very handy tool for you, it also measures our ability to keep the site easy to read, quick to navigate and simple to conduct business on. In essence, the shorter the list, the better the site. As you see, it is pretty short now and we have every intention to keep it that way.

Our goal, nevertheless, is to give you the best support here. Thus, we will add as many items as you need, not as we think fit. So, please
keep your questions coming. We will include every one that is relevant to all of you, in the appropriate categories below.

Questions & Answers

Questions by our visitors



What antivirus protection program do you use?

We scan every file on our systems with Dr. Solomon's Virex, which is kept up to date at all times.

How can I download your free or sample documents, files or images?

Directions are available on every page which offers file downloads.

Questions by our members 



I forget - just how did I become a site member?

By subscribing to your Links to Me*dia newsletter...

How do you safeguard my information?

We have a very strict Privacy Policy which you can review here.

How can I cancel my newsletter subscription?

Please use the form on the Links to Me*dia newsletter page.

Questions by our authors



How do I remain a featured author?

Please see details on our Authors page. 

How can I exchange files with the editor and other site members, when we are collaborating on a project?

We use the iDrive and docSpace secure web file exchange services. Please contact the editor for details.

What is my royalty payment schedule?

The 15th of February, May, August and November.

Question by content buyers,     agents, and publishers



How can we secure publishing rights to your authors' works?

By negotiating with us.

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