I N T E R N E T    D O M A I N S

One of the most prevalent manifestation of new media is the Internet itself. There is just no other place where we can find such an incredible variety in digital content. There is no other medium which can combine this with marketing, real time transactions, and advertising in such an economical manner. To paraphrase Marshal McLuhan, "The medium is both the message and the carrier of transaction."

Having created web sites and all other kinds of digital content since 1998, we are uniquely qualified to offer the following web site development services:

*  Free listing of selected high potential domains.
*  Lease or sale of these domain names.
*  Site design, development and management of these properties.
*  Co-development of domains owned by our parent company.

To learn more about the domain you are interested in, just click on it in the list below:

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Revenue opportunities include display and click through advertising; database marketing; consulting services; commission from subject specific exchange markets; affiliate commissions from selected sites' sales; capital appreciation through business growth, third party investments and IPOs.

To submit a domain name for inclusion, or with any question about our services or currently available domains, please inquire here or call us at 201.444.5051.

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