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About the developers

The developers of this PC application program were Steven Kingsley and Mark Winston. They did the design and coding together and designated AIL NewMedia Publishing as their marketing and distribution agent.

About Steven

Born in Hungary, Steven emigrated to the United States in 1974, became a citizen and graduated in 1989 from Pace University, New York.

He has developed hypertext and other software and now creates books, ebooks, CDs, manuals, reports, interactive content, web sites and e-commerce systems for clients.

As an adjunct professor, Steven taught graduate computer courses from 1989 till 1992 at Pace University, NY.  He also authored and published articles on Knowledge  Science, some of which is included in the manual of the program featured here.

About Mark

Mark Winston and Steven developed Decide 123! together in 1994. At that time Mark owned a software consulting and development company, called Enabling Systems. Its clients included Pfizer and other large multinational companies in New York and around the  country.

The very short (4 months)  development cycle of this project was made possible by UserBase, a rapid application development (RAD) tool, written and used by him and his associates at Enabling Systems. It was also sold by his company as a software development environment.

Mark moved, together with his wife, to North Carolina in 1996. They are currently involved in Internet and web site development projects, as is customary for all self-respecting infrmation technologists today....

More about Decide 123!

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Decide 123 manual



Welcome to the new millennium! Global competition, ever shorter product cycles, new information technologies, tighter budgets, and an entrepreneurial explosion make it an absolute necessity for each of us to focus on the right project from the very start.

What can Decide 123! do?

As your decision support tool, it helps you find the most profitable new product or business opportunities, with which you, your company and your bank or investors will be the most comfortable. As a financial modeling program, it provides consistent input, analysis and financial reports, based on generally accepted accounting principles. This version will:

1.  Do projections for one product or service at a time.

2.  Easily create one or as many analysis scenarios as you need.

3.  Add new products or services to a project as your product line grows.

4.  Work with as many projects as you need at any time.

5.  Project yearly sales up to 100 million dollars (or other currencies).

You can project out to 7 years, of which the first 2 years are used for up-front (R&D, etc.) costs. The model also assumes that production or stock acquisition commences in the 2nd project year, so sales can start in the 3rd project / 1st sales year.  

How does it work?

Decide 123! is completely menu and dialog driven. Password protection is provided for each user. Data integrity and validity are maintained by the built-in validity, concurrency and record/file management facilities.

It is a very easy to use and inexpensive Cost-Benefit Analysis program, capable to perform an unlimited number of "what-if" analyses for new product and business opportunities. As such, it is widely used by manufacturers, consultants and higher educational institutions

Publisher comments

The current version, 2.1 was updated for distribution on a CD in 1998. It  runs under every Windows version, PC DOS, as well as on Macintosh and Linux PCs under DOS emulation.

Decide 123! was first released in 1995 by Digital Publishing, the predecessor of AIL Newmedia Publishing. It now has thousands of satisfied users world wide.


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