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The Chestnut & Cedar Stock Report - A Guide to Investors


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About the Author

Joseph Spinella, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Chestnut and Cedar Stock Report and www.chestnutand, is a financial executive whose VERY SUCCESSFUL hobby is the stock market.

Professionally, he is a CPA and MBA, who has been CFO, Treasurer, VP Finance and Controller for various companies within the financial services, leasing, transportation, aerospace, and manufacturing industries. Joe earned a CTM Certificate from Toastmasters International and was honored in Strathmore's "Who Is Who."

He has served on the Board of Directors of various companies in different capacities.

His treatise on Asset Securitizations was published in Warren, Gorham, and Lamontís's, Banking Outlook.

To introduce young adults to the importance of starting to invest early and regularly,
Joe has written a second book. The Chestnut & Cedar Stock Report - An Investment Guide for Young Adults which is also available from Newmedia Publishing in print and ebook editions.

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About the book

As the Internet Bubble, a.k.a. New Economy came to an end in 2000, it became evident that prudent financial concepts, which were once common sense business practices known to all, were in fact not. Industry practices and standards, for many companies turned out to be based on faulty assumptions. This disrupted many organizations, resulting in massive stock market losses. As stock prices evaporated it became clear that a more comprehensive analytical investment approach was called for.

You have here a blueprint on how to build - or rebuild - your wealth through investing in the stock market. This is a serious book with the main focus on how to make money with stocks. It is written for readers who are interested in being in “The Game."

The main focus of the book is Investment Strategies, Fundamental Analysis, and Technical Analysis. The author is very well organized; the construction of his ideas is concise; and the book is in an easy to read format. He uses highlight boxes and charts on many of the pages to emphasizie important points. The tone of the book and the examples are reflective of the author’s experience as a financial executive. The book commingles investment theory with practical applications in a “how to” format.

InThe author also introduces very creative financial concepts which he uses to evaluate stock values. Concepts such as; “Incomprehensible Asset,” “Air,” or “Liabilities with Equity Attributes,” are refreshing innovative approaches used by the author to evaluate securities. CPA’s and the SEC may be surprised when they hear terms like “Incomprehensible Assets;” but investors interested in making money will find the author’s investing techniques imaginative and resourceful.




Part 1 - Investment Strategies
Ch. 1 – Stock Strategies

Part 2 - Fundamental Analysis
Ch. 2 - Understanding Financial Statements
Ch. 3 - Income Statement Analysis

Ch. 4 - Balance Sheet Analysis
Ch. 5 - Cash Flow Analysis

Ch. 6 - Shareholders’ Equity Analysis
C. 7 - Ratios and Definitions

Part 3 -
Ch. 8 - Technical Analysis
Ch. 9 - Types of Charts
Ch. 10 - Chart Reading
Ch. 11 - Momentum Indicators / Oscillators
Ch. 12 - Stock Chart Overlays

Ch. 13 - Stock Chart Patterns
Ch. 14 – Market Theories

Part 4 - Assett Allocation

This book makes it as easy as possible for laymen like me to navigate through today's stock market. It has guided me to make up for my losses and to get ahead again. Thank you, Joe!

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