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READ A CHAPTER NOW: Introduction
About the author and artist

June Marshall, author of Booby Trapped: Men Beware! the Dirty Seven Sisters and The Dirty Seven: Ladies Beware! was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil to American parents. They moved back to the United States while she was a child. After finishing college, she went to New York to study acting and singing, along with earning a Masters in English Literature.

She then moved to Europe, where she lived in Belgium and visited the major cities of the continent. Next came her "Passage to India," where she traveled from its southernmost tip to the Himalayas. Her familiarity with diverse cultures of the world originates from these experiences and flavors her unique philosophy. It has also greatly contributed to her understanding of human nature.

Her career, so far, has included being a writer, public speaker and speech writer, English teacher, actress-singer, and even being webmaster and systems usability engineer at AT&T.

She has appeared on television and radio, as well as given talks and seminars on the topic of mateability,  selectivity, and behavioral standards in the dating arena. She has also written numerous articles for various publications.

Booby Trapped:
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Another witty and humorous guidebook from the author, this time about how to handle women who are not capable of developing loving relationships. They fall into seven broad categories:  The Dirty Seven Sisters. To better illustrate each type, the author includes celebrity examples, such as:  Angelina Jolie,  Anna Nicole Smith, Brooke Shields, Cher,  Dr. Laura, Jennifer Lopez, Joan Crawford, Julia Roberts, Kate Moss, Kathy Lee Gifford, Lorena Bobbit, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Marilyn Monroe, Meg Ryan, Melanie Griffith, Mia Farrow, Monica Lewinsky, Naomi Campbell, Tonya Harding, and many more.

Robin Williams gives the best reason why men must have this guidebook:

Upon being subjected to Monica Lewinsky's sexual escapades with Bill Clinton, he opined:
"God gave man both a p**** and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time."

The author teaches men to use their brains first to recognize the unsuitable mates who make up the Dirty Seven Sisters. Because of their underlying personality and character flaws, they bring chaos and unhappiness into men's lives, once they bag their prey. Marshall warns men to move on from them, regardless of their sexual needs and genetic impulse to have children. These women may be sexy and attractive, but they don't have the potential to be true life partners. She bares their character traits that are impossible to live with, why they are impossible, and tells men what to do about them. Conversely, she also describes the excellent qualities of a good mate.



The Dirty Seven Sisters:  Who They Are

1. The PMS Queen

2. Needee Nellie

3. Material Girl

4. Shopaholica

5. The Wedding Belle

6. The Mom

7. Psycho-babbler


Questions & Answers

Counterparts of the Dirty Seven Guys

You will laugh your way through to newfound wisdom as you read this book or ebook. The author's wish is that you enjoy and use it to the fullest.
Were it not written by a woman, this book would be a scandal!

BOOBY TRAPPED is a 'self-help' book for men seeking mates and as such it outlines all of the types of women to avoid when men go a-hunting! The author is June Marshall - yes, a woman telling all the ugly secrets of women to avoid - and she writes with such candor, and wit, AND clarity of intent that it is difficult to ignore her warnings.

Marshall's message: don't let male sex drive override observation of female types that are bound to end in quashed relationships, whether those be legally married commitments or entrapment live-ins. She describes the Dirty Seven Sisters to avoid: the PMS (Perpetual Menstrual Shrew) Queen, Needee Nellie, Material Girl, Shopaholica, The Wedding Belle, The Mom, and Psychobabbler. Each of these types she discusses in separate chapters, outlining the personality traits that make them venomous, the signs and symptoms of each type, and the reasons they do not make good partners. She pushes the envelope a bit heavily by using celebrities to illustrate each of the Dirty Seven, and mentioning those in a review would rob the reader of some of the fun of discovery!

June Marshall writes well and for some light entertainment, in addition to some sage and sound advice, this book is recommended for the predatory male and for those men who have made the judgment errors so comically exposed in this wry book.

Grady Harp
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Guys, this is the book we need! I read this book and loved it. Thanks, June!

Guys,this is the book we need! I read this book and loved it. We have all been with one or more of these seven types of women. Now there is this book that can show us who to avoid and why. It explains the reasons sensibly and how to recognise the 7 types of women to avoid. No matter what your situation is you will find this book helpful. Even tells you what women NOT to avoid. Thanks June!
Never saw a book like this for men before.

Chris Sellick
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Advice for Avoiding Women Who Will Make You Miserable

My first reaction when this book arrived was to put the cover in a brown wrapper. In fact, when I read the book on a recent airline trip, I kept the cover face down on the tray.

The cover actually serves a positive purpose, which is to remind men that appearance and availability can make a woman temporarily irresistible. That's part of author June Marshall's message to men: Think about the woman's attitudes and personality . . . not how she looks or how she makes herself available to you.

The rest of the message is what to watch out for. Ms. Marshall suggests that the vast majority of women make perfectly fine dates and wives . . . but there is a small minority that can make a man's life undeservedly miserable.

Each chapter contains examples including celebrity women who have made the news for their "bad" behavior in this arena. Without the examples, this would have seemed like a book of fiction. I came away convinced that this information was valuable when I remembered that one of my sons had stumbled onto a Psycho Babbler and had difficulty extracting himself from her grasp.

But it's best to read this book with a light heart. I agree that the vast majority of women are a delight to be with and do their best to make life better for all those around them. God bless all women!

Ms. Marshall has also written a book about the men that women should avoid, The Dirty Seven: Ladies Beware! I had a chance to listen to Ms. Marshall's music CD based on that book, and her advice seems sound from the other perspective as well.

Donald Mitchell
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Don't be fooled by the funny title and sexy cover!

Don't be fooled by the funny title and sexy cover. This book has a lot to say about what men need to watch out for when they get emotionally involved with women. It's only natural for us men to look at a woman's beauty, femininity, and sexiness. But without considering the character, unselfishness, and intelligence of a woman, a man could lose a lot of money in alimony payments besides the emotional misery from a failed relationship.

As a guy I was particularly interested in the concept of the Dirty Seven Sisters. These are the women who "Booby Trap" men with their looks and sexiness, but cause enormous emotional pain before and after a divorce. I recognized one of these "Dirty Sisters" as the type of woman who almost trapped me years ago and thank heavens ended it herself. I would have stayed on course like a lemming with her to the bitter end.

The celebrity references make for interesting reading. It's like opening a People Magazine and this feature holds a reader's attention with well-known examples.

Finally, readers should benefit from the reality that some people are not good mating material and should be avoided at all costs. These "Dirty Sisters" with their character flaws will keep themselves in a holding pattern of poor behavior. These women also don't have the skills, heart, or insight to sustain a happy, mutually fulfilling relationship. As sexy and gorgeous as some women may be, it's important to know that they are like Venus Flytraps or Black Widow spiders who capture and devour unsuspecting males.

For men who get "hooked" too much on a woman's looks, this is a must read.....and most men that I know fall into this category unfortunately!

Steve Nakamoto
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If You Have To Have A Woman, You Have To Have This Book

This book is fantastic. Extremely insightful and informative, and so entertaining that you can't put it down. This is one of a kind. Coldly logical, scathingly accurate, yet sharply comical. It is so brutal in its anti "female-logic" position, that it is hard to believe that it was written by a woman. But, apparently it was.

"The Dirty Seven" women are going to FREAK OUT when they find out that one of their own not only has their number, but has also spilled the beans!

***Do NOT play the dating game without this book!*** You've been warned!

S. Thomas
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