The Teen Spiritual Pillars of Business Success

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"A clear commitment to Profit, People, and Planet becomes any company's formula for true and lasting success. All it takes is the willingness to get started. Look here and see how. Now. "

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About the author

Following a diversified career in environment, health, business and education spanning three decades, Dr. Rao Kolluru has lately been exploring the unity of Science and Self. He has journeyed from the canyons of Manhattan to the heights of the Himalayas, in quest of knowledge, wisdom, and happiness.

Educated in the East and the West in science, engineering and business, Dr. Kolluru earned his doctorate in environmental science and public health at Columbia University, NY. He co-authored and edited two seminal works: the
Environmental Strategies Handbook and the Risk Assessment and Management Handbook, both published by McGraw-Hill. These handbooks, which have also been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and other languages, are used as texts and references in interdisciplinary programs around the world.

In his previous book, In Quest of the Infinite, the author bridges the physical and the metaphysical, offering practical guidance for everything from business to wellness, separating science from nonsense with parables and irreverent humor. With the perspective of the scientist as well as philosopher, he lays out guideposts for the eternal human quest.

In Quest of the Infinite

As an author and consultant, Dr. Kolluru has lectured widely, from Princeton to Beijing, on a host of subjects. His new book, Spiritual Entrepreneuring is in publication.

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In this book, filled with illuminating parables and anecdotes, Rao Kolluru offers practical guidance for achieving personal business success -- everything from setting your personal odometer back to zero to practicing enlightened Self interest. His parables and witty observations, like the one below, are very illuminating:

The Honeybee and the Peacock

Once upon a time, a honeybee and a peacock struck up a conversation. The bee, darting and buzzing, said: “I had the most productive day. I got up before sunrise well before the other bees and had already called on a hundred customers. I hope my queen will be pleased with the nectar I collected. But I can’t rest. There’s still so much to do. Anyhow, what have you been up to?”

“Oh, instead of my calling on customers, my customers come to me,” said the peacock happily. It is my nature to dance and sing. I rejoice in my own beauty reflected in the eyes and hearts of my beholders. I won’t ever run out of the bounties of my joyous nature.”

The bee sensed the differences in their nature. For an instant, he felt drawn into the peacock’s circle of joy. With a quick flick of its wing, the bee saluted the peacock and flitted off into the woods.

The honeybee and the peacock portray two paradigms of business management. Some businesses are like the honeybee. Their sole mission is to gather profit. Benefits to people and society are byproducts of what they do.

Other businesses are like the peacock. They succeed by choreographing the creative instincts of their workforce to serve the needs of their customers. Profits and prosperity are co-products, created naturally in the process of people expressing them-Selves.


0. Begin with the Beginner's Mind

1. Know Thy Self - Your First Customer

2. Fulfill Your Duty on Money Street and on Main Street

3. Balance Knowledge, Action, and Inaction

4. Partner with Nature. Take/Offer Sabbaticals

5. Build Your Karmic Balance Sheet

6. Balance Material and Spiritual Rewards

7. Create, Nurture, and Dissolve/Re-create

8. Operate in the Abundant and Transparent Mode

9. Practice Enlightened Self Interest

0. Return to the Beginner's Mind. Renew Your Success

Through the principles and practices the author expounds, you can create playful and inspiring workplaces and help orchestrate the success of your business. And you can build on these pillars to enhance your own creative performance and lead a life of adventure and fulfillment.


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